Monday, October 17, 2016

Cory Zicolella, Oct. 4th - 18th

For these last two weeks, there was alot of design work done on my end for our game, as well as some concerting and the start of some grey boxing.  A good amount of my time was spent at meetings, but there was also a work done on my own time as well.

Firstly I created some matte-painting concepts for the surrounding environment to be placed around our game.  Some came out better than others.  We eventually decided on the art-side that cyberpunk will well suit our environment the best (out of our generated list of 10 or so), and that we definitely have space to expand if need be.

I also started some grey boxing for the environment.

That aside, there was also alot of progress made design-wise during the meetings about how certain powers/attributes will work, and how to tackle certain problems found with VR, such as holding your hand at an awkward angle.  Nevertheless, we fleshed out how 'putting spin' on the ball will work, as well as how gravity wells will look (instead of just plain spheres), after messing around with particles.

  • A good amount of design work was done!
  • The concepting about the environment lead the art team to a decision on how to proceed for our final vision, with plenty of room to grow.
  • What we started getting to work on to now will save the coders time later when implementing various tools.
  • Some of the matte-painting concepts came out pretty rough
  • Wish I had gotten more done personally
  • The majority of the art team never grouped for the meeting on the 15th, potentially setting us back
Time Spent:
  • Group meetings [Including discussion, concepting, GDD, Gantt, etc] (10 hours)
  • Concepting (4 hours)
  • Greyboxing (1 hour)
Total time spent: 15 hours

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