Monday, October 31, 2016

Cory Zicolella PPJ 10/19-10/31

These last two weeks an absolute TON of work was done on the design end for the game; multiple concepts for a large majority of the assets were created, and the digm side in general got a move on with the hero assets; by the time of this post each one should be through their first pass, and primed for texturing during the next week.

The first week I had personally completed 6 concept models for the hero assets (2 each of controller, goal, and platform), as well as select two color schemes to theme each one with, and created a photoshop reference for the look and feel of the gravity well.

Concept 1 for the primary controller tool

Concept 2 for the primary controller tool

Concept 1 for the goal -- to be suspended from wires

Concept 2 for the goal

Concept for the gravity well

Concept 1 for the play area platform

Concept 2 for the play area platform

These took a large chunk of my available time that week, and as seen each pair drastically varies from one to the other, both in style and feel.  This last week that is coming to an end was taken up by creating the Hero Asset for the ball that will be played with throughout the entire game.


Side View - The ring through the 'center' is supposed to
glow/luminescence to be a visual representation of the 'shot clock'


And of course, as per usual, about half of the time that I dedicated to working alone was spent in meetings, where we developed the basic gameplay flowchart from start to finish, discussed music choices and feel for the game, as well as decided definitively on an art style and compiled folders of reference for the look we with to have in our final product.  Overall, it was an extremely productive two weeks for me.

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