Monday, October 17, 2016

Daniel Ingman Oct 4. - Oct. 17

These past two weeks were spent doing concept art, preparing presentations, and working on the GDD. I would like to have spent more time on concept art then I did, and I'd also like to get the GMAP team on track with their tasks, however I don't feel like I've been successful in laying out those tasks. Going forward I will be trying harder to keep everyone up-to-date and inline with our deadlines.

AI Character Silhouettes
Game ball concept 1

Game ball concept 2

  • Got a good amount of work done.
  • Fleshed out GDD further.

  • Didn't manage team as well as I could have.
  • Several members of team were not present for Saturday meeting, hindering progress.
 Total time spent: 19
  • Concept art: 6 hours
  • Model Mockups: 3 hours
  • GDD: 2 hours
  • Meetings: 8 hours 

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