Monday, October 3, 2016

Johanna Oberto PPJ 10/3/16

Over the past week I was present at every meeting and helped work on the overall game planning, world building, and mechanics. We discussed what potential stages/arenas could be made, and narrowed it down from everyone's ideas to a cyberpunk theme. We planned the mechanics to be a gravity whip-like interaction to allow the player to manipulate the direction of the ball and how it will be thrown. We also prototyped gravity fields in the arena that would affect the motion of the ball.

Time Spent:
Wednesday planning meeting: 2 hours
Planning mechanics/overall: 4 hours
World building: 3 hours

Total: 9 hours

Meetings were productive
I feel that the game is headed in a clear direction

Meetings felt excessive
Lack of communication as to who would be present/when it was necessary to be present

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