Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Michael DiLucca - Sept. 27 - Oct. 4

Reviewed ways we could better our presentation from the feedback we received. (1)

Discussed development of first level (Setting, Art style, Models). This happened as the same thing below was going on.(1)

Started development in the VR_Template scene on score keeping and updating a 3D text object to update when the score changes. (2)

Took notes and watched the Unreal live stream concerning the new VR_Template. Was able to ask a lot of questions and have them answered by the developer. Also led me to some great resources regarding VR in unreal 4. (2)

Met with Mike C on Friday and helped as he developed a base level for what the arena would look like. Also took this time to read up on a lot of Blueprints resources and how to better debug with VR. (2)

Setup a Trello for Agile Scrum development. Looked into finding as many free resources as possible to use for Gantt, Burndown, and Task management. Trello ended up having a lot of free addons that can help. Updated Trello with appropriate tasks. (2)

Total: 9

Positive: I was able to search every crevice of the internet for the resources we need to complete this project. I was able to get my hands in deeper with Blueprints. I got to communicate with the creators of what we will be working with. Mike and Andrew are extremely hard workers, I will now have to step away a small amount from management to developing as to not fall behind. Mike was able to bend his work schedule to accommodate Wednesday to meet.

Negative: Not everyone has really gotten the experience they need with unreal yet, the starting gun has gone off and not everyone seemed to hear. Developers are in the lab on all different days from one another making for a difficult time for programming. We are often sidetracked for extended periods of time on stories and what-ifs.

Upcoming: GDD will be due soon and we really need to put as much into it as we already know about our game. We will be integrating a tech demo soon combining Mike and Andrews systems. After that we can than start to integrate scoring. We need to start grey-boxing asap. Backlog will soon need to be populated with tasks that I will have to lay out.

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