Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Johanna Oberto Oct 4 - 10, 2016, PPJ

This week we started going further in-depth with the prototyping. We created a basic version of the game, with primitive versions of the mechanics that we would like to include in the final iteration. I worked with Mike and Andrew to create this prototype. We have a small arena with gravity spheres and scoreboards that record when a ball hits them. The gravity spheres have a basic functionality which increases a force on the ball as it approaches, and stops once the ball has passed midway through the sphere. We plan to experiment with different gravity mechanics and see what works best.
Next week we plan to work out a basic version of the whip mechanics for throwing/interacting with the ball.
We also planned out the next two sprints at our Wednesday meeting, and set up a Trello board for designating tasks. I feel much better having a plan in place.

Having a plan and tasks in place means a clear development direction
Basic prototype was successfully implemented to showcase ideas in development
By working on more tutorials, I was able to add to my knowledge of how Unreal Engine and blueprints work

Had to meet every day over the three day weekend
Some group members still not showing up to meetings

Time Spent:
Wednesday meeting: design & sprint planning -  2 hours
Saturday prototyping - 3 hours
Sunday prototyping - 3 hours
Unreal Tutorials to learn more about blueprints - 3 hours
Monday meeting: test prototype - 2 hours

Total: 13 hours

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