Monday, October 31, 2016

Ryan Badurina - Oct. 18 to Nov. 1 PPJ

Over the past two weeks, we went into overtime in creating our designed player assets and completing the necessary documentation for our game.  While I never fully had a hand in creating the documentation, I did have a hand in the designs and aesthetic look for one of our concept sets, based off of rough cyberpunk / random parts to help create the desired assets.  My goal for this set was to create a set that could accurately represent the style of our game title.

After concepts, each of us was tasked to create a certain required asset based on the final concept set we have chosen during our week 6 meeting.  I unfortunately wasn't able to make it to the week 6 meeting, but I met with Dan the next day to discuss what needed to be done; a high poly version of our player platform.
Individually created cubes to match up with the blue base.
After adding the correct amount of lines to match up with the lines of the base cube, align the cubes accurately with the lines of the base.  Combine the mesh and then smooth
Smoothing after mesh combining.  Method doesn't work as desired.

Attempt number 2 was to just duplicate the base platform, shrink it, then duplicate the duplicated model and cut off various sections of polygons to get the same shape and size that I desire.  Afterwards, I would extrude the edges and bring them towards each other to merge them.  I would lastly add in "smoothing" lines to make sure the duplicated cubes wouldn't bend when I would smooth the mesh itself.  The end result brought forth my desired look.

Each of the gray "cubes" is a piece duplicated from the blue base.

This is what it looks like once all of the pieces are together.

This is what it looks like after final smoothing of the platform.

The next step was to add a propulsion / gravity-based engine to help give some visual fidelity and reason as to why the platform floats.  First step was to create cylinders of matching polygons and then making them a different size.

After the layers are placed, I then indent the bottom layer to give off some type of opening into the platform, and then I smooth the polygons of the cylinders separately.  I then combine the meshes together.

The end result.  So pretty.  In the coming weeks this will be properly UV'd and textured.

It has been an incredibly busy time over the past 2 weeks, but we got a lot of work done regardless.  As the weeks continue winding down, other classes get busier and busier, so it becomes especially important to me to balance my schedule and plans accordingly to give myself enough time to work on senior project.

  -Week 5 General Meeting: 2 Hour
  -Week 6 General Meeting: 1 Hours
  -Week 6 Development Session:  5 Hours
Week 5 Concepting:
  -Player Goal Model + Texture:  4 Hours
  -Player Ball Model + Texture:  2 Hours
  -Player Tool Model + Texture:  4 Hours
  -Player Platform Model + Texture:  6 Hours
Week 6 Development:
  -Player Platform Model:  10 Hours

Total Time (2 Week Period):  34

  -Extremely productive period.
  -Concepts finished and work on official game assets has begun.

  -Part-time work has been rather busy lately, requiring me to spend more than my allotted time to help Virtua finish moving to a new learning system.
  -Modeling AND texturing during week 5 took up a lot of time than it should have.
  -Upcoming SEPTA strike may inhibit commuting ability temporarily.

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