Monday, October 17, 2016

Ryan Badurina - Oct. 4 to Oct. 18 PPJ

I forgot to post for week 3 and create a habit of doing it weekly, so I'll post my progress for the last two weeks in this PPJ.

Week 3 was very fruitful in terms of work done, with the week following not so much due to "unforeseen issues" outside of school.  A lot of work was done in the design department and overall trying to identity the visual look of the characters and tools in our game.

 These are just some basic character concepts (designed for modular purposes) for the player / AI characters of the game.  How I've been envisioning the system because VR is limited in character animation, was that the head could be modified / changed based on player preference and the hands would house the controller tools they would use during gameplay.  As we only need to have the head and the hands to be modelled (head being helmet / headset and hands being the tools the player uses), we can technically scrap the body out of the equation to avoid any problems in the future, although we could add the body as part of the head.

Speaking of tools, I've been creating some preliminary Grapple Beam / Arm Cannon designs for the primary tool of the game.  When designing some of the tools, I've been testing how the player would wield the Vive controller in their hand to help get the feeling of actually throwing or shooting something from the controller.  There were various design challenges from my point in creating something that the player can see and also feel in a natural way, so I focused on designs that would make use of the controller to make a tool that felt right for the player.

Designs ranged from typical arm cannons that felt natural in a strange world to creating a tool that felt like Iron Man's Hand Beams to replicate actual hands.  There are various different ways that people use the controllers and play with them, so I wanted to play around with various you can use the controllers to alter the virtual world.  In order to get a visual look at the mechanics, I made created a model to help create a vision of what the tool would look like in 3D.

Just a quick mock-up of the first tool design and how some of the animations would work if we went with this design.  The first design features standard claw-like grips to help get the feeling of "grabbing" the ball, even though a beam would be used to grab and bring the ball to the player.  I think the design of the gun / cannon will be different than the designs above, but I feel like we're getting closer to achieving some type of vision for what the game world looks like.

Other things done include attendance at the weekly meetings and the prototype session, and overall play-testing of our prototype build.  I also helped with some GDD issues, such as fixing any grammar errors.

  -Week 3 GDD Session: 5 Hours
  -Week 3 Prototype Test Session:  4 Hours
Player / AI Concept Art:  3 Hours
Gun Concept Art(s):  3 Hours
Polish Concept Art:  3 Hours
Prototype Gun Model: 1.5 Hour
Prototype Build Playtest: .5 Hour

Total Time (2 Week Period):  20 Hours

  -Concept art done to help with 3D modeling in the future and identify the visual style of our world.
  -Current controls for our game feel natural and fun, if a little clunky right now.

  -Had to miss the usual Wednesday meeting because of part time work.
  -Family events and problems arose took up a lot of my time during Week 4 and prevented me from meeting with my team during the weekend.

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