Monday, October 3, 2016

Ryan Badurina - Senior Project - Sep. 27 to Oct. 4

My first PPJ for senior project.  Sigh.  Well, here it goes.

I met with my team during the weekend for a prototype session, although I'd count it as more of a "GDD Session" if anything.  Concept art was made, and we did mess with Unreal and starting on the mechanics, although it was only minor.

Tyler and I met by chance after class and we decided to discuss about possible level design ideas.  I advocated the idea of "Non-90 Degree walls" because of the worry that the ball could get stuck.  Plus, it would make the level look a little more "lively".  It also helps us in preventing future problems with level design.

Andrew (One of our CCI teammates) and I were discussing earlier in the week the mechanics for our "grapple beam."  We were debating whether to make it a linear beam or whether to make it feel like a whip.  I decided to experiment a little by creating a makeshift whip and applying rigid body physics to it inside of Unreal.  Results were "pretty good."

But it is rather underwhelming at a glance.  Plus, I never found a way to have the whip "Retract" and "Extend" like an actual grapple beam.

Meeting(s):  7 Hours
    -Prototype Session: 5 Hours
    -Discussion w/Andrew: 1 Hour
    -Discussion w/Tyler: 1 Hour
3D Modeling: 1 Hour
Physics Application: 1 Hour

Total Time this Week:  9 Hours

  -Prototype sessions and discussions were "pretty good" and also productive.
  -First few pages of the GDD finished.

  -Not much development was done in Unreal Engine.
  -No conclusive solution to the whip mechanic.  No retracting or extending function.

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