Monday, October 17, 2016

Sanjay Balaji PPJ 2

These 2 weeks were spent on continuing on programming tasks and getting some of the core functionality working.

On Oct 11, we (the CS students), had a meeting with Salvage to show off a demo we had that involved throwing balls in VR as well as some "gravity wells" that would mess with the physics of the thrown balls.

I also spent a lot of time with Andrew working on programming tasks such as fixing bugs involving the way velocity functions when the balls interact with the gravity wells and dragging balls towards the player since we want the player to be able to do that.

For the gravity wells, there were some things we discussed and implemented to make the interaction with them better. We removed the force of the ball towards the player when the physics of the ball gets changed, so when the player throws a ball at a well, the ball will not return back to the player. Also, the function the the "hook" of the ball was changed so the interaction would be more "interesting".

For dragging the ball, we will want to implement a whip so the player can drag the ball with that. As of now, we have the ball come to the player without the whip, just manipulating the direction and force.

Demo work and prototyping: 4h
Unreal tutorials: 2h
Meeting with Salvage: 1h
Further work into gravity wells, and testing out other functions: 3h
Working on dragging ball towards player: 2h

+ Got a better understanding of the way Unreal's blueprints work
+ Demo works pretty well
+ Gravity wells improved, dragging is working in a preliminary state

- Missed a meeting due to a doctors appointment
- Gravity well interaction not ideal yet, needs work

 Total: 11 hours.

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