Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Team PPJ - Oct. 4 - Oct. 18

These past weeks were spent refining our greybox and protyping the gravity whip mechanic. On the design side, we continued to refine our GDD and brainstormed how we want the art to convey various aspects of the game to the play, primarily how gravity spheres look and how they communicate the influence they have on the ball at any given time. Some more refined concepts were made, primarily of the game ball, in order to find a unified aesthetic that we can easily apply to the rest of the objects in the game world.

As design lead, I felt that I did a poor job of communicating what tasks needed to be done and making sure each team member was working on their assigned tasks. Going forward I will be meeting with the design team in order to make sure everyone's on the same page.

Going forward, we will continue fleshing out our greybox and our GDD and hopefully begin playtesting with outside individuals, in order to nail down the functionality.

Some visual examples of progress made:

Capsule stage layout concept

D3 stage layout concept

AI character concepts

Thematic concept

Game ball concept

Player tool concepts

Player platform concept

Game setup concept

  • Good progress on prototype
  • More concepts were created
  • GDD further fleshed out
  • Lack of attendance at weekend meetings hindered progress
  • Design lead breakdown

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