Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Team PPJ - Sept. 27 - Oct. 4

This week was spent prototyping and greyboxing as much as possible in order to flesh out our idea in preparation for next week's faculty pitch. Several team members prototyped the various gameplay mechanics we plan to integrate, including gravity spheres, grabbing and throwing a ball, and scoring. Others worked on a GDD and brainstormed to flesh out the game's aesthetic and setting. These brainstorms included arena layouts, gravity orb layouts, and AI character concepts.

While a lot of progress was made, there were snags along the way. Our meeting times have been revised, as not everyone was present for most meetings this week which hindered progress on prototyping. Communication faltered and, as Mike mentioned in his PPJ, we have a tendency to get sidetracked (myself most of all).

Going forward, we plan to create a functional prototype to demonstrate our game's core mechanics as well as produce concept art to introduce people to our game's aesthetic. As well, we will produce a GDD that is as fleshed out as possible so that everyone on our team is 100% familiar with our game concept and how it works.

Total time spent for all team members: 70 hours

  • Increased familiarity with developing in Unreal
  • Prototype sessions generally productive
  • Lots of good brainstorming in areas that needed it
  • Lack of concept art in the first week
  • Some team members were not present for some meetings
  • Tendency to get sidetracked

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