Monday, October 17, 2016

Tyler Schacht, Oct. 4th - Oct. 18th

During the first week, I, with the help of Cory, continued to create concepts of the arena the player will be in while playing our game.  We decided that we need to playtest one of the simpler designs before we can continue with fleshing out the final arena design.  During the second week, I was trying to think of ways that will enhance the player experience, while also getting rid of the concern "What will the art team do?" that the faculty had mentioned.  Some of the ideas are an elevator that acts as a main menu that will raise the player into the arena after selecting "Play" and having a shock wave move smaller objects outside of the arena every time the ball hits a wall.  Finally, I spent the weekend having different people play different VR games (unfortunately, I didn't have our demo with me).


Total hours: 19
- Creating concepts for arenas: 3 hours
- Attempting to create 3D models for the newer designs: 2 hours
- Creating 2D visuals of the arena: 3 hours
- Thinking of ideas for the art team: 1 hour
- Watching others play with the Vive: 10 hours

Positives: I am REALLY getting into the game and how to design it.  I just have constant ideas flowing in my head on how to make the game better.

Negatives: Because I had people trying out the Vive over the weekend, I missed a group meeting.  Even though I have all these ideas flowing through my head for the game, I need to start drawing out concepts and I need to focus more on the core rather than all the extra juice.

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