Monday, October 31, 2016

Tyler Schacht PPJ 10/19-10/31

During the first week of this PPJ cycle, I worked on concept models and themes for our game, Shadow Circuit.  I wasn't able to attend the first status report lecture, but I was able to hear some of the comments on my models through my teammates.  That Tuesday night, I started out making a wireframe for a website (unplanned), but that quickly got put off once we talked during our Wednesday meeting.  However, because of the wireframe, I created a logo for our game.  With the help of Dan's style guide, I started working on a much more polished Goal model.  I also created 2D concept art for an elevator that acts as a main menu as well as the way the player gets to our arena.

Theme concept 1 (Futuristic Junkyard)

Theme Concept 2 (Grid based)
Logo V1

Goal in Progress

Main menu Concept

Total Hours: 25 hours
- Creating the 3D models and themes: 8 hours
- Logo: 2 hours
- Current Progress of Goal: 3 hours
- Main Menu Concept: 1 hour
- Meetings: 11 hours

Positives: I feel better about each members vision of the game.  The first few weeks we were just shooting out ideas and the ones we liked stuck around in our slack channel.  However, it wasn't until recently that we started to have the same vision of the ideas, if that makes sense.

Negatives: There's a lot of stress coming from our disorganization.  We worked on it during one of our meetings but now we have a slight back log of stuff that needs to get done.

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