Monday, October 3, 2016

Tyler Schacht - Sept. 27 - Oct. 4

Early on in the week, I spent time working on the stadium concept art and model mock-up.  However, my concepts slowly became irrelevant due to progression of the game concept over the week.  I had to miss a meeting Saturday where group members fleshed out the stadium in bit more detail.  The following day, we started thinking about the theme that our world would follow.  Currently, we have decided on a "Cyberpunk" aesthetic.

Two stadium wireframes from the beginning of the week

Total Hours: 7
- Original Stadium Sketches: 1 hour
- Wireframes of Stadium: 2 hours
- Meetings: 4 hours

Positive: We are really fleshing out our game ideas with more of the smaller details

Negative: It's hard trying to gauge how well a stage will work without being able to test it while our coders are still working on the main gravity and throwing mechanics.

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