Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Cory Zicolella PPJ 11/15-11/29

I will preface this by saying this post is going to be very brief in comparison to my others.

These last few weeks have been rather confusing on my end; the week that began two weeks again I became increasingly ill as time went on and it caused me to get very little time dedicated to the project.  That being said, that week, I still managed to toy around with the textures on the Ball asset and tweak the UVs accordingly from time to time--and now the ball is textured (to satisfaction) for the Alpha.

This week, thanksgiving interfered with much of the team (I'm sure), but we all still managed to get work done.  I handled the video editing this week, as well as aiding with creating the shotlists and getting the footage.  All together, that took about 8 hours, 4 spent troubleshooting/directing shots, and 4 editing.

Because this week was entirely in editing, the videos will be all there is to show.

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