Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Daniel Ingman - 10/31 - 11/15

This week I spent time refining the tool model, creating character designs for the AI opponent, and working on materials for the final stage build.

The tool model now has emitter arms and a nozzle, which will emit plasma arcs when the gravity beam is engaged. In addition to emitting plasma arcs, the arms are articulated and will move and react to the player engaging and disengaging the whip.

3/4 view

3/4 view

Side view

Top view

The AI character designs drew lots of influence from contemporary mecha and robot designs, notably the Tsugumori from Knights of Sidonia and various mobile suits from Gundam.

The advanced design, displayed color neutral

The blocky design, displayed with Hachigen branding

The sharp design, displayed with Doskoi branding

The material for the final stage is meant to be a mixed-material setup, with metal bracers holding a shell of futuristic glass. I was able to work on a textured glass material, however the general consensus in the group that it needs to be more "futurey", which will be deliberated on further. Likely this will include emissive lights and animated energy layers.

Future glass tho

The effect of the glass can be seen in this GIF
  • Glass material in its early stages adds a lot of visual interest to the arena
  • Tool model is ready for materials
  • Time management: workloads for this class and other classes are reaching a fever pitch

Total hours spent: 18 hours
  • Second pass hero asset: 7 hours
  • AI character designs: 6 hours
  • Glass material: 5 hours

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