Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Sanjay Balaji - 10/19 - 10/31

In these 2 weeks, I and the group continued working the GDD and the game mechanics. The GDD is one of the big priorities now, and we are spending time discussing the details and formatting things in a better way. I think the GDD looks great as of now, but there still needs to be work done to make sure that it is as concise and clear as possible. In our meetings with Salvage this week, a good portion of those meetings were spent discussing the GDD and any improvements we can make on it.

On the game mechanics side of things, the group got progress done for the "gravity whip" mechanic of our game. I wasn't directly involved in the implementation of this, but I was there for discussions of how the mechanics should work and how the group went about implementing it.

I also did some work with Andrew on the goal and scoring mechanics. Many mechanics need polishing, but this is one of the first priorities because this is how the player wins the game. Currently, if the ball happens to roll along the goal, the player can "score" several times and get many points, but this isn't the intention. We were trying the figure out a way to add in a buffer period of some sort so that the player cannot score with that ball on that goal at that time, by time or distance. But this problem becomes more complicated when we add the possibility of multiple balls and multiple goals. We need to continue working on this.

Meetings with Salvage: 1h
Gravity whip discussions: 2h
Sprint planning meeting, task breakdown and assignment: 1h
GDD work and revisions: 3h
Goal and scoring mechanics: 1.5h

+ GDD is looking great
+ Game mechanics are there, need polish and tinkering though

- Need to see if we can get a player controller in the game so I can work and test without the Vive

Total: 8.5 hours.

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