Monday, November 28, 2016

Ryan Badurina - Nov. 15 - Nov. 29 PPJ

The past few weeks haven't been kind to me.  Issue after issue at home has taken up much of my time in working on not just Senior Project, but also other assignments for other classes.  I hope for the next week to give me enough time to finish and polish the assets currently in the game so it is ready for alpha.

Most of my work over the past two weeks was development on our Beta Platform design and model.  The current platform in the game is just a mesh that scales appropriately based on the VR room scale.  What the programmers are hoping to do is create something more dynamic, where different platform pieces are added onto a base whose size is based on the room scale.

My last PPJ showcased the beginning of this new Beta Platform the the overall design process I'm envisioning with it.  After talking with the team in regards to the platform and the overall design process, we agreed that we needed more variety with the inner panels instead of just one square duplicated over and over.

Original tiles

Added tiles along with the original 9.

Example layout of a small room-scale platform.

These are only some of the tiles planned for the platform.  As much of my time has been spent dealing with family-related issues,  I unfortunately don't have more to show.  However, I hope to have the rest of the tiles done over the next week as well as over winter break.  By doing so we add a lot of variety to the platform itself so it isn't the same old looking one everytime.

  -Week 9 General Meeting:  2 Hours
  -Week 9 Development Session:  5 Hours
  -Week 10 Alpha Draft Meeting:  1.5 Hours
  -Week 11 Alpha Preparation Meeting / Gantt Work: 2.5 Hours
Week 9:
  -Beta Platform Modular Pieces:  1 Hours
Week 10:
  -Beta Platform Modular Pieces:  5 Hours

Total Time (2 Week Period):  17 Hours

  -Progress on the modular pieces for the platform are going well.  Hope to have more done over the next week and winter break.

  -A large amount of family issues have been popping up (Flea Infestation, Car Fixing, Doctors Appointments) took up too much of my time over the past few weeks.
  -Final exams and projects are coming up and I need to devote time to those classes as well as senior project.

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