Monday, November 14, 2016

Ryan Badurina - Oct. 31 - Nov. 15 PPJ

The past two weeks involved texturing and polishing the player platform and implement that into the game.  Aside from the general meetings and development sessions, Week 7 saw the completion of the platform model for use in our game, although it wasn't implemented until a week later.

Bottom view of the platform (1st Pass Textures)

Top view of the platform (1nd Pass Textures)

Texture Map for 1st Pass Textures

During week 8, after discussing with Mike and Andrew, we decided to design the platform as a more "dynamic" piece in the game.  Rather than have a single platform mesh that scales and distorts, which can make it look ugly when looking at it up close, we wanted a dynamic platform made of several meshes that adjust, scale, and generate using an algorithm based on the VR room scale.

The inner base of the platform, allowed to be scaled and distorted as it cannot be seen.

The propulsion / gravity engine, not meant to be scaled but duplicated at certain intervals

The outer plates meant to cover the base.  Will be dynamically duplicated based on room scale size.

The whole process isn't entirely complete yet, as I need to verify if this type of design route is alright with the coders, but I'm making headway in the process and hope to have it by alpha at the earliest so I can refine it in the future.

  -Week 7 General Meeting:  2 Hours
  -Week 7 Development Session:  4 Hours
  -Week 8 General Meeting:  2 Hours
  -Week 8 Development Session:  5 Hours
Week 7:
  -Platform Texturing:  5 Hours
  -Platform UVing:  2 Hour
Week 8:
  -Redesigning Model: 5 Hours
  -Redesigning UVs:  2 Hours

Total Time (2 Week Period):  27 Hours

  -Septa is back and working, allowing me to go on campus a lot more for meetings and important development sessions.
  -Current version of the player platform is modeled and textured, and is currently in the game for preliminary testing with the room scale function.

  -The redesign of the platform isn't complete yet; still need to hammer down some designs to make it work with the coders.
  -The term is almost done, which means things are starting to get really busy for not just myself but everyone else on my team.
  -Part-time work still takes up some time, but not as much as before now that the new system for Virtua is completed.

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