Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Team PPJ: 10/19 - 10/31

This week was a week of highs and lows on both sides. During the first week, we experienced a drop in morale that hampered productivity. However, Wednesday's meeting gave us all a big reality check and hammered into us that we need to get our rears in gear if we're planning to make alpha by the end of the quarter. The second week saw a palpable rise in morale, as we had clear tasks set out and everyone had made great progress.

In addition to our continual refinement of the GDD, we also crafted a game flowchart that we can use as a secondary reference for tasks. The art team created a variety of demo assets to nail down a visual theme during the first week and began working on final hero asset models during the second week. As well, certain artists created logos, UI mockups, and other demo assets to be refined later on.

On the coding side, great progress was made on all fronts. The whip spline is now able to influence the ball's movement, and the player can now calibrate and generate a platform based on the real-world play area.

Corporate Logo 1

Corporate Logo 2

Tool WIP 1

Tool WIP 2

Theme Proof of Concept 1

Theme Proof of Concept 2

Pause Menu Mockup
Theme Set 1
Theme Set 2
Controller Concept 1

Final Ball WIP 1

Final Ball WIP 2

Platform Concept

Scoreboard Concept
Final Goal WIP

Main Menu Concept

Final Platform Mockup

Final Platform Mockup 2

Platform Concept
Game Flow Diagram

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