Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Team PPJ - 10/31 - 11/15

This week, the word of the sprint was "implementation." As of right now, every hero asset is in the Unreal Project, if not in a scene. Tyler's goal, Cory's ball, and the capsule stage has been implemented and lots of progress has been made from our previous boxy prototyping stage.

Progress has mainly been focusing on adding definition and textures to hero assets, and in preparation for the addition of an AI there has been a few character designs created. A placeholder particle effect has been added to the ball to aid visibility, in preparation for an upcoming ethereal light-based particle trail.

Coding-wise, a rough AI has been coded but not implemented, and continual refinements are being made to the ball/whip interaction. In addition, a system has been implemented that allows the player to calibrate their platform's size, based on the current size of the Vive play area.

Enjoy visual examples of the team's progress:

AI design 1

AI design 2

AI design 3

Capsule glass

Tool 1

Tool 2

Ball final

Elevator material 1

Elevator material 2

Elevator material 3


Platform 1

Platform 2

Implementation and refinement 1

Implementation and refinement 2

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