Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Daniel Ingman 10/19 - 10/31

These past two weeks were rough for me. The first week was a bit demoralizing, as I felt like we weren't where we wanted to be artistically in terms of quality of assets and general game vision. In addition, I felt very stressed as I felt that I was doing my team a disservice by not doing my duties as a manager. However we had a long and in-depth chat that week about what needed to be done for the game and exactly what tasks were required, and I feel far more confident in the art team and their vision for the game.

I did a lot of different things the past week, including game ball, platform, and goal concepts, a rough player tool model, corporate logos, and a holographic pause UI mockup. As well, the team got together and wrote a gameplay flowchart, which helped immensely in visualizing what we needed to make for the game and what assets would be required to make it happen.

Corporate Sponsor #1: Doskoi Management

Corporate Sponsor #2: Hachimau International

Final Tool WIP

Final Tool WIP

Style Proof of Concept

Style Proof of Concept
Pause Menu Layout

Pause Menu: Item Hilighted

Pause Menu: Item Selected

Total Hours: 31
  • Ball Concepts: 2 hours
  • Goal Concepts: 3 hours
  • Platform Concepts: 2 hours
  • Tool Model WIP: 4 hours
  • Texture Mockup: 2 hours
  • Corporate Logos: 5 hours
  • UI Mockup: 2 hours
  • Meetings:11 hours
  • Very productive period
  • Team clued in on visual them 
  • Team morale was at a low during the first week
  • Took too long to establish a visual theme

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