Sunday, November 20, 2016

Michael DiLucca - 11/8/16-11/15/16 - Artificial Jive

This week I was able to start implementing the AI to walk around a platform. I started this by following all the documentation unreal has about navigation. First I implemented an AICharacter that looks at an AIController. The AIController on Event BeginPlay looks at BehaviorTree. BehaviorTree starts with a root node that falls to a sequence node seeing if the AI can move, if it can than we move the AI to a random point in a given radius. This repeats itself.

I want to implement a system for the AI to be able to constantly track the ball. It should have the ability to move around its play space following where the ball is. I also want to implement a reach area where the AI has a certain range it is able to reach out to the ball. After that I want the AI to move to the center of the space and launch the ball forward in a random radial direction. This can be improved in the future to a system where we have the AI systematically throw a few hundred balls to find the best current path for it to use.

AI (8 Hours)
Music Discussion (1)

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