Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Mike DiLucca - 10/19 - 10/31

This week was a lot of Project organization and management:

I took a lot of time to clean up the current trello and add new tasks, additionally I met with both teams and got both sides on the same page. The last few weeks was really starting to feel disjointed between us. I met with the programming team for an hour and went over tasks as well as broke them down. Our next 2 week sprint ends the first week of November.

The art side chose to work in 1 week sprints. We are expecting our first iteration of assets this weeks to be implemented. The first few assets were chosen to be the high level of detail models that the player will have the chance to get up close and see. Meeting with the art team for an hour as well for task breakdown helped clear a lot of confusion as well on some subjects.

A lot of changes have been happening on the side of our documentation. We have been keeping up with the planning and design that has been coming in from the art side. The artists were also able to create a game loop and component diagrams this week. Which will aid us greatly in a single idea of the game represented in a single document.

I was able to work with Andrew on the whip mechanics as well a small amount but more so put time into room scaling and calibration with Johanna. I fear that we may not be able to deliver everything so It will be up to me to say what is absolutely needed in the game. We are in week 7 and time is everything for us. It will not be easy to implement everything, especially with one available setup/space. But we are working on figuring that out as well.

Planning and Organization (4)
Whip Mechanic and Concepts (3)
Room Calibration (3)
GDD (6)

What Went Right:
We are rallied back up and ready to push forward hard again.
Planning and Organisation is setting us up for a busy 4 weeks.
Whip mechanic is near complete.
GDD Looks amazing.

What Needs Improvement:
We have a lot on our plate and if we want it all we are going to have to step on the gas peddle, all of us, hard. At the pace we are moving I do not see a complete playable build in 4 weeks happening.
We need everyone on the same page reading different paragraphs to get everything done. Not people reading different books.
Andrew has been taking a huge load on his shoulders and I want to keep stressing to him that this is going to end up hurting the team in the long run. We should be conditioned to all take responsibility if/when something is not complete, not have 1 person feel the need to bare the weight of the world on their own.

What We Plan For:
Whip Mechanic.
Scoring Bug Fixs.

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