Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Michael DiLucca - 10/31/16-11/7/16

This week Was mostly me implementing a basic AI that will be added to our main build. So far the AI will walk randomly on a nav mesh.

What I would like it to constantly follow the ball on the platform. When the ball is on the left side of the field the AI should be on the left side of the platform. Even if this takes away from the immersion we need to get a basic AI that can constantly track the balls position.

Next The AI should be able to grab the ball when it's within his range.

The AI should then throw the ball back towards the players side of the field.

Side from that, I plan on updating the current sprint to reflect the next 2 weeks of development. This will include 3 total hours of planning, meeting, and organizing.

AI Programming (8)
Sprint Planning (3)

What Went Right:
AI implementation was simple and straight forward. It was a lot to do but in the end it worked fine and the way I anticipated.

What Needs Improvement:
I have no energy at meetings because I am barely eating anything. This is mostly due to stress and a busy schedule. I should make time to grab a bite even if it means missing 20 minutes of a meeting.

What went Wrong:
I was really sick this week and have an appointment made Thursday.
My classes have multiple midterms so the last 3 weeks has been very busy for me.

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