Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tyler Schacht PPJ 11/1 - 11/14

The past few weeks I was once again working on the Goal asset.  I had some issues with maya.  I was so into the project that I forgot to save.. and well, maya crashed making me lose all of my progress.  However, I was able to get the final model down, UV it, and then put on some animation using the blueprint system in Unreal.  Animating it with code will allow the CCI team to easily change the animation when a goal is scored.  In the last week I spent time trying to find a good way to capture VR gameplay.  Unreal Engine 4 defaults to only rendering one "eye" on the desktop and it isn't widescreen.  I also spent sometime trying to better understand UE4's material system with Cory.

 Total Hours: 35 hours
 - Goal: 14 hours
 - VR Footage Research: 2 hours
 - UE4 Material Learning/Relearning: 4 hours
 - Meetings: 15 hours

Negatives: Had a really rough last week, an exam, a 10 page research paper, and a whole bunch of sleepless nights.  I wasn't doing too hot.

Positives: Despite my negatives for the past two weeks, I felt like I was able to get a lot done for senior project.

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