Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tyler Schacht PPJ 11/15 - 11/29

Over the past two weeks much of my time was taken away due to an on-going research paper for Sociology.  Additional time was taken away due to my requirement to help set the house up for Thanksgiving and then help with Christmas decorations.  Most of the stuff that I worked on was during our meeting times.  Implementing my revised goal into the build, creating a skybox, and recording video footage along with Cory and Dan.

Total Hours: 15 hours
Revising & Implementing Goal: 2 hours
Skybox: 1 hour
Alpha Footage: 2 hours
Rest of the meetings: 10 hours

Positive: Adding in the skybox makes the game look much more complete than it did before.
Negatives: I didn't do too much on the art side outside of meetings, and our meeting times generally were focused on the presentation rather than improving the game.

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