Monday, January 30, 2017

Andrew DiNunzio PPJ 1/23 - 1/30

This week I spent some time working with some of the other coders on the AI. We were trying to figure out ways to make the AI swing the ball. We found that what were were reaching for was out of scope for this project, and we will have to "fudge" the physics a bit when the AI is using the tools to make it a bit easier for it to behave well.

I spent some time trying to explore the possibility of networking, but after a short time, I concluded that that's not going to happen. Physics simulations don't work well over a network, and our game is heavily reliant on them.

Finally, I worked on the GDD, trying to update it with information about ionizing and the Ionizer Tool.

Time spent: Total: ~15 hours

  • 5 hours - Learning about AI behavior trees in Unreal and trying to get the AI to swing the ball when grabbing it with the Gravity Whip.
  • 5 hours - Work on GDD
  • 5 hours - Tried out some networking stuff

  • I have a better understanding of how Unreal Engine uses Behavior Trees and Blackboards.
  • The GDD is in much better shape
  • One distraction is now out of my mind - I'll no longer put energy/time into making networking work
  • Didn't complete all desired features for the week, since I was exploring alternatives

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