Monday, January 23, 2017

Cory Zicolella 1/17 - 1/23

This week was a busy one for me!

I got to work editing all of the video for GDC, as well as for the background of the website.  We also met about and talked about design regarding the large 8 foot poster we'll be needing come showcase time, and logo design.  It is a hard balance to distribute the communication need for VR and also action in a sports game.  After some research, most VR games assume the user knows what they are searching for, and either have VR in the title or don't do a sort of mixed reality or VR equipment tie-in to their promo art at all...most times it was just the title and some actiony background.

That being said, the majority of the hours not in the meeting were spent editing and touching up the multiple passes of the trailer that I made.  That, and the Game loop, and the small Web edit are below:

The first two were shown for the GDC competition, and the last is on the background of our website.

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