Monday, January 30, 2017

Cory Zicolella PPJ 1/23 - 1/30

Well, this week was rather straightforward. It was pretty simple compared to other weeks, but I still accomplished things that needed to happen.

Half of my work was done during a group meeting, where I doodled about ideas and though about logos for our Game itself, as well as some troubleshooting for our team logo.  That was all completed eventually, and the ideas sparked other conversations, and so on.

Later, I did some modeling on a possible 'stage' setting ,for outside the arena.  It isn't too fantastic yet due to multiple issues on my end with particular Maya tools; they didn't want to behave, as per usual.  This hampered my progress by a ton, and I went through multiple stage revisions, but eventually, I've settled on something:

That was the majority of my work for this week (at least up until writing this post).

As a bonus: I forgot to include this in my PPJ from last week, this is the attempt at mixed reality that we made (and ultimately didn't use) -- just one clip of many.

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