Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Daniel Ingman PPJ 1/17/17 - 1/23/17

This week was a slow one on my end. Post GDC competition presentation, we spent a lot of time rethinking our approach in the wake of the critique we received after the presentation. I brought up the idea of replacing our AI with a multiplayer system, but others decided that rather than scrapping all the work we had done up to this point we should continue to refine the AI and its behavior while delegating one or two coders to begin investigating Unreal Engine networking processes so that we might be able to implement a multiplayer system in the future. In addition, the addition of live networked multiplayer on a VR game would already limit its audience, as in order to play at peak experience you would have to have two players with at least $1800 in computer hardware who are playing the game simultaneously. For these reasons, we will continue to refine the AI at a more aggressive pace, while also considering the feasibility of networked play.

I spent some time this week as well on the logos, since right now my logo designs are raster. While I do agree that certain logos work well in vector style, a lot of the effects on our logos were achieved in photoshop with raster techniques, and turning them into vector logos would be a time-consuming process in order to effectively undo the progress I made in the raster workspace.

Our current team logo

Currently, our game logo uses the same skull asset as our team logo. While this was a powerful visual image, I feel that our game's logo should be visually distinct from our team's logo and better communicate the world within the game. With that in mind, I spent some time creating cyberpunk team logos and arranging them so that they would form our game's logo. I think that representing the different teams worked better to advertise what our game is about and separate it from our team's unique logo.

Additional plans were made to incorporate the player into our logo, a la Audioshield, but no sketches have been made yet.

Total time spent: 17 hours
  • AI model UVing: 5 hours
  • AI model texturing (preliminary): 5 hours
  • Logo planning: 3 hours
  •  Existing logo enhancements: 4 hours
  • Logo heading in a good direction
  • AI model nearing completion
  • Project installation broken, hindering progress

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