Monday, January 23, 2017

Johanna Oberto PPJ 1/17/2017-1/23/2017

This week my focus was on the presentation for the GDC competition. I worked on getting game footage, but mainly creating/preparing and practicing for the presentation. I also put some work into the GDD for CCI's document review, happening next Tuesday, January 30th.
While we didn't win the GDC competition, we were able to gain feedback from faculty about what worked in our game and what didn't. Going forward, we have a couple of different ideas on how to improve our Alpha for the Beta due this quarter.
Feedback will help direct this quarter's progress
Have new options to consider for the game's direction

Didn't spend as much time working on the actual code of the game

Time Spent:
Revising GDD: 2 hours
Gathering footage: 2 hours
Creating presentation: 2 hours
Practicing/revising presentation: 2 hours
Discussing new direction possibilities: 1 hour

Total: 9 hours

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