Monday, January 9, 2017

Mike Cancelosi Winter Break

Over the winter break, I did a great deal.

For the programming side, I , along with Mike Dilucca, focused on finishing the game loop. As of right now, the game ends and restarts after the desired number of goals is reached. We also started on the physical menu, but that is very early in development. We also moved ahead with the AI, but right now we are waiting for the whip to be completed in C++.

For the art side, I focused mainly on quality of life assets. For example, I created a better texture for the goal net. I also improved the center white bit for the gravity wells. Also I added particle effects for the ball so it is easier to see. I also made some simple fireworks for when a goal is scored. While most of the particle effects still need some work, the simple fact that there are vfx adds a lot to the game.

Hours spent : A lot.. at least 30.

Pros: Got a lot of work done over the break.
         The simple vfx for the ball adds so much and makes it easy to follow in space.

Cons: I was hoping to get more work done on the menu

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