Sunday, January 15, 2017

Ryan Badurina - Jan. 10 - Jan. 17, 2017 PPJ

This week was stressful on so many levels.  The whole team was working in overdrive to create and finalize enough assets, trailers, presentations, etc. before the Intel presentation this coming week, and what I was tasked with was creating a new main menu / elevator wall that would act as the "accept" button for level, AI, and overall player selection.  The design is that the player would throw balls that acted as "physical" settings, and enable selection of various aspects of the game by throwing those balls into a tube.

Front version of the goal without textures.  Uses separate primitives to get a basic yet complex shape.

Close up of LED lights and the "strip they are connected to.

Length of the tube.  I wanted to bring it back far enough so it looks like it has depth and that the ball dissapears into it.

Once the modeling and UVing are done, I went into photoshop and made textures to fit the model.  However, rather than apply them in Maya, I instead applied the textures and material edits in Unreal itself to give me better visualization and render quality.

Material layout for LED lights.  Uses a Constant Vector going into a Multiply node to boost emmisive brightness.

After some work, got good collisions working, and tested it out with a basic Third Person Character outside of the project.

Current version of the main menu wall.

It took a bit of time and work, but the wall looks pretty good and presentable for our showcase this week.  I talked with my teammates about what else we should do with the wall, and we discussed that we would go back to this later in the term to re-work it for proper animation and such.

Other things I aided with included our presentation for the Intel Competition this Wednesday and organizing our Google Drive to make it more clean.  Small stuff, but stuff that helps benefit our overall productivity and readiness for Intel.

  -Weekday Meeting: .5 Hours
  -Weekend Development Session:  6.5 Hours
  -Presentation Development:  1 Hours
  -Main Menu Wall Design:  2 Hours
  -Main Menu Wall Model:  4 Hours
  -Main Menu Wall Textures:  1.5 Hours
  -Main Menu Wall Materials:  1.5 Hours
Total Hours:  17 Hours

  -The wall looks really good for our current purposes, giving proper visual ques to the player and better environmental cohesiveness.

  -Taking and handling 7 classes alongside part time work is very stressful, giving me very little time during the week to sit down for more than 2 hours and work on assignments straight through.
  -Preparation and work for the Intel Presentation took up a lot of my time this week.

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