Monday, January 23, 2017

Ryan Badurina PPJ: 1/17 - 1/23

This week was rather slow in terms of workload and what needed to be done.  After rushing much of our work in preparation for the Intel Competition, we came out of the preliminaries (we didn't make it, unfortunately) to continued talks and planning on what needs to be done for the rest of the term.

I did some minor work on the main menu wall by making it bigger and adjusting the pieces to remain consistent.  I didn't want to scale the model as that is lazy design; I had to adjust the overall "size" of the wall to compensate for any empty spaces or size errors inside our elevator level in UE4.

I also resized the edges of the player platform pieces.  Originally, they were smoothed cubes that curled up to smooth out the edges and create a more "spherical" edge.  I did some work over the week to mitigate that, although I may just have to redo the pieces outright.
Original edge (more smooth)

New edge (More cubic, but still a little smooth)

Adjusted pieces alongside the platform base.

I did do whatever work I could do on assets we already have and continue iterating upon them.  My time with my teammates is rather limited this term due to commuting, extra classes, and part-time work, so I unfortunately don't have all of the latest knowledge on "what needs to be done" or "what I can do that is new".

  -Weekday Meeting: .5 Hours
  -Weekend Development Session: 4.5 Hours
  -Main Menu Wall Iteration: 1 Hour
  -Platform Pieces Iteration: 3 Hours
Total Time: 9 Hours

  -Continued iteration and learning what needs to be done/redone for the game.

  -Rather slow week as we recovered from working overtime on the Intel Presentation.

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