Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Team PPJ 1/10/17 - 1/17/17

This week a lot was done on that back end, so this blog post is going to be very light on images. A lot of the programming side was working on performance improvements and converting blueprints to C++. As well, one of the coders created a system for creating new tools in preparation for our impending addition of an off-hand player tool. In addition, we had a combination of coders and DIGM team members working on the main menu, and the basic functionality and visuals are in game and look pretty good. Finally, an AI model has been added to the game, and is awaiting rigging and texturing. However, it's a big step up from the lovely test cylinder we had gracing our game before.

Going forward, we are planning to improve a lot of visuals for GDC, as well as adding a new mechanic to our game to make use of a new offhand tool. Hopefully we will be able to figure out a better workflow for capturing mixed reality, but that will be only if we have extra time in between working on the game itself.

  •  Lots of visual progress
  • Main menu scene very close to being implemented in game
  •  Mixed reality capturing is finicky
  • Team meetings are scattered due to new schedules

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