Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Team PPJ 1/17/17 - 1/23/17

Art-wise, progress was made on updating existing assets for the sake of visual clarity and ease of use. The arena model itself is now a helical shape surrounding the original capsule, for the sake of adding in cool visual details and improving visibility. While the previous arena was good as a work in progress, the material's refraction property wreaked havoc with the reflections and caused a visual bug where the outside environment would appear to move with the player's head, of times disorienting them. In addition, the goal has now been textured further, with varying shades of gray to differentiate the various moving layers.

New arena, player's perspective

New arena, exterior

Main menu wall

Updated goal texture

Additionally, our game now has a super cool menu scene, wherein the player can choose various gameplay options before starting their game, allowing them to customize their experience. This menu scene had been floating around the aether for a while now, and we're glad to finally have it as part of the final game loop.

Coding-wise, time was spent making our game's systems increasingly modular. The systems that control the whip and the ball are now separate from the game's other systems, allowing them to be modular and able to be integrated with the AI. The AI now uses the whip module, and is able to grab the ball.

Additionally, progress has been made in the systems governing alternate tools, and we can now add in new tools with relative ease. Our test tool, the magic wand, guides the ball in a certain location when you wave it, and you can use the grip buttons to increase the gravitational influence of the wand.

Going forward, a lot of our visual horsepower is diverted towards texturing and visual adjustments, with a couple key members continuing work on the public website and game/team logos. Our coders will be spending a good amount of time refining and increasing the functionality of the AI, while investigation will begin on the feasibility of adding networked multiplayer.

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