Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Team PPJ 1/9/17 [Winter Break]

During the break, several key people spent a good deal of time working on the project. Progress was mainly directed towards finalizing the game loop, and now our game ends and restarts after a specified number of goals is reached. In addition, certain aspects of our game (primarily the whip) have been ported to C++ from Unreal's default blueprints system, in order to improve performance and enhance our ability to refine and iterate on these assets.

Visuals wise, progress was made on various miscellaneous art assets, including an improved ribbon particle on the ball, fireworks that deploy when a goal is scored, and an awesome holographic goal net.

Game ball's new ribbon VFX

Fireworks VFX

Holographic net texture

Going forward, we plan to focus on implementing the full menu/game loop as well as iterating on the AI character. A rough model is in the works but has not yet been implemented.

  • Key progress made in porting blueprints to C++
  • Game loop is in place and is ready for expansion
  • Not much art progress
  • Many team members weren't able to work during break (which is fine, it's a break)

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