Monday, January 23, 2017

Tyler Schacht PPJ 1/17 - 1/23

This week our team mostly focused on refining what we had to get it prepared for GDC competition.  Unfortunately, we didn't set up much of a plan other than to get ready for the GDC.

I spent the week updating the website based off of some feedback I got from last week, still not complete.  Need to add more to the "About" section.  Changed a few fonts to have a more "paragraph-friendly" font.  Added some photoshopped adviser portraits.  And placed up some current gameplay footage for the "coverpage" of the website.
I also re-textured the goal, since so many people couldn't see the texture from afar and just assumed it was just the default material.

Total Hours: 16 hours
- Website Updates: 3 hours
- Goal Textures: 5 hours
- Helped finish capturing GDC footage: 1 hour
- Meetings: 8 hours

Positives: Got some criticism for the goal and some tips to make it look better.

Negatives: Didn't feel like I did too much this week due to the chaos caused by GDC.

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