Monday, January 9, 2017

Tyler Schacht PPJ 1/9/17 [Winter Break]

Over the winter break, I really didn't work on the project too much.  After my last class on Wednesday during Finals week of Fall term, my PC decided to completely crash and would not boot (and still is not operable).  I was able to work a bit on our team's / game's website, however, it is in a very early state and there is not much to show.

However, I met with Mike DiLucca and Mike Cancelosi today and we worked on a main menu concept that would use the whip mechanic that the main game uses to create a very cohesive experience.

Total Hours: 3 hours
- Website: 2 hours
- UI concepting: 1 hour

Pros: I was able to work on some of the website despite my PC being out of commision
Cons: I planned to have at least a complete website, but my PC had other plans...

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