Monday, February 13, 2017

Andrew DiNunzio PPJ 2/7 - 2/13

This week was spent trying to design and implement a way for the Ionizer to work.

I created the Ionizer Tool with very basic code to charge, shoot, and recharge. It also is set up to trigger Blueprint events on each of these cases.

I created an interface that different game objects can implement, and then they'll be ionizable. I put in placeholder code for the gravity well's response and the goal's response to ionization.

Later, I made the gravity well's ionization change when reacting to ionization. It's not currently stable and crashes if the ball enters with an ionization. This is due to the way forces are calculated, and not all of the pieces are in place for directing the ball towards the goal. I hope to finish all of the pieces this week and have the gravity wells shoot the ball towards the proper goal when ionized (or default behavior if going the opposite direction of ionization).

I spent some time fixing issues with the repo at the replay lab. It turns out that Unreal Engine crashes horribly when the drive runs out of space (and no helpful warnings whatsoever).

Finally, I spent some time working on a 10,000 Ft. Diagram and 50,000 Ft. Diagram for the CCI's Design Doc. I also made a state diagram for the Scoreboard's transition functionality (to ensure smooth transitions with multiple goals in quick succession).

Time spent: Total: ~11 hours

  • 2 hours - Creating Ionizer tool
  • 4 hours - Creating interface for ionization (and partially implementing it for gravity wells
  • 2 hours - Fix out-of-space issue with repo at the replay lab
  • 3 hours - Working on system architecture diagram and state diagram

  • Almost all of the pieces are in place for ionization
  • Ionizer tool doesn't work well for larger objects (due to the way it shoots by position and not line-trace)
  • Not particularly productive this week

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