Monday, February 20, 2017

Cancelosi 2/14-2/21

This week I did a lot of work for the DIGM side of our game. First, I made an animated texture for the arena glass. I had some difficulty syncing it up correctly but it is now working fine. Some tweaking is left to find the perfect balance between distracting and good background motion

I also made a texture that has a parameter passed in that changes the location of a red circle. This is going to be used for the programmers to feed a target point for the AI to aim at. This will make it so you dont need a vive to work on the AI.

In the process of making the glass texture, I stumbled upon a cool texture for the ball VFX that I integrated pretty quickly.

I'm currently working on a a remodel of the ball. Should be done soon and textured by the end of the week.

Time Spent : 20? hours
Pros: Got a lot of work done on the art side
Cons: No AI improvement

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