Monday, February 27, 2017

Cancelosi 2/21/17 - 2/27/17

This week I continued work on the ball remodel. I had to retopo in Zbrush which took a little while. In Maya, I tried to subdivide smooth but when creating the loops for the edges it got real complicated. Unfortunately I continued slicing almost until the end, when I realized the model was too many polys and whose edge flow became confusing. So i decided to just soften/harden edges in Maya. I wish I had done it earlier as it looked completely fine and kept ideal edge flow.
Retopoing in Zbrush

Finished Model

I also made the scoreboard actually display the score. Tyler created the models for the numbers and the score works up to 99. Also the center rim of the goals now flash when a goal is scored.

I changed the VFX back to utilizing the ribbon trail. I agreed with the comments from the last WIP and felt the ribbon was a better way to see ball when it's moving. 

Lastly, I implemented sounds for some of the basic SFX like the ball hitting the wall and the whip detaching. Because some of the coders were working on our game state/ game mode, I couldn't implemented sounds like round started as we are working out the flow of the game mode from elevator to the arena. 

The ball model is finally done!

I wasted a lot of time doing something I ended up not using.

Hours Spent :  25? 

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