Monday, February 6, 2017

Cory Zicolella 1/31 - 2/7

This week, I mainly worked on getting updated footage for the newer trailer that was a required deliverable, as well as creating some assets for the surrounding environment that will be outside the stage.

By far the majority of the time was spent in editing, as the coding and design teams faced numerous difficulties moving forward with our planned updates due to circumstances beyond our control.  This made recording delayed (but also made it hard to capture usable footage).  That being said, it was improved on and fixed the day after, but I still had to work with the footage I had!

Thusly, I have created this new n' tasty trailer:

As for the modeling, I was working on updating and creating lights for the stadium while I awaited footage.  Below are some pictures for that.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the work I put into things this week, and I'm really glad the trailer came out as good as I did.  I look forward to hopefully putting these models together and improving them to also give a good bit of scenery to the outside of the stage.  Everyone is gelling really well still, even 15 weeks in, and working together to solve problems and help each other; it is absolutely fantastic.

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