Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Cory Zicolella 2/14 - 2/21

This week I tackled the UVs of all of the environment models that I did in the weeks prior.  This includes the seats, the stadium light, and the triangular stadiums themselves.  These guys took me way far longer than expected because their default layout was so convoluted.  In the end, I eventually got them all to a workable state, which is always nice.

I was told that the model of the stadium itself, specifically the seating, needs to be tweaked so that the seats are smaller, giving the illusion of more onlookers. Along with that, theater seating would be a great addition to multiply the amount of people watching exponentially.  I will get on doing that, but it may alsso break the current UVs, which poses yet another issue -- but there is usually a creative solution.

The WIP I made this week is still rendering at the time of this post.  It took only around an hour and fifteen minutes to edit it, but the files were very large and thusly resulted in rendering times that were far larger than they had any business being.  That, and also nobody had access at the time to the widescreen build of the game (because that runs on an entirely separate install of the engine), so the footage we do have is super cropped to the square of footage that we were able to capture.

I would post the WIP here but it is still rendering, and UVs are relatively boring to look at.  But that was my week.

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