Monday, February 27, 2017

Cory Zicolella PPJ 2/21 - 2/27

Well, this week, on account of a crit that I got from some team members, I went back and revisited my model to alter it so that it seems actually like a stadium, and can fit hundreds of people.  Similarly, the upper part of each uncurved segment is supposed to hold an Ad in our game world, so I designed sections for two ads on each straight segment.  For the curved segments, I simply loaded it with seats.  I also had to create staging for each set of seats so they simply weren't floating.  I made the creative decision that since it is futuristic, and also not the exact focus of the game, there isn't a need for stairs or a elevator or anything.

This will be layered three times as before, complete with stadium lights and florescent lights where needed.  Hopefully this will create atmosphere, light the area, and also make it easier (see: less work) to make background buildings.

I also collaborated with Dan on fixing up the gantt chart to accurately reflect where we are, update it, remove things that were axed, and also plan ahead to next term somewhat.  Once we discovered that the milestones actually had a percentage complete value in them, we jacked all of  the ones we've passed to 100%, so now the pdf version states we are 72% done, which is nicely on track for next term.

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