Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Daniel Ingman PPJ 1/31/17 - 2/7/17

This week, I spent time working on the assets that I was in charge of working on this week. I created an offhand tool model, representing the Ionizer, and I created UVs and preliminary textures for both of these objects, so that next week can be spent rigging and animating them. As well, myself and a few other team members updated the gantt chart to reflect our current progress thus far. Finally, I worked with a teammate to set up a Vive and a VR-capable PC in the Annex Black Box theater, in preparation for Tuesday's presentation. While this setup was very scrappy, it ended up working, and we will finally be able to show off a live gameplay demo of our game for the first time.

Setup 1: Tyler's PC

Setup 2: Dan's PC

  • visual progress
  • Gantt updates 
  • Live setup was successful
  • No after-hours access to the Annex
  • Live setup was full of cables and inefficient
Time spent: 20 hours
  • Ionizer Model: 2 hours
  • Ionizer UVs: 4 hours
  • Ionizer preliminary texture: 2 hours
  • Whip UVs: 6 hours
  • Whip preliminary texture: 2 hours
  • Gantt updates: 2 hours
  • Annex VR setup: 2 hours

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