Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Daniel Ingman PPJ 2/22/17 - 2/28/17

This week, I made significant progress on the tool textures. I set up a material in Unreal that will allow me to just plug in the various maps for each object, and while it's still a bit rough it's good for now. It will definitely need some updates to really push it to 110%, as the current material network is pretty simple.

The applied material

The material network

Next week, I will finally take care of the AI model. We've had some updates planned for it for a while now and I've been neglecting it.

  • Good progress on texturing
  • Nice, clean poster
  • Gantt updates
  • Still didn't work on the AI
Total time spent: 20 hours
  • Tool texturing: 10 hours
  • Showcase poster layout/updates: 6 hours
  • Housekeeping: 4 hours
    • Gantt updates
    • Steam page updates

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