Monday, February 6, 2017

Johanna Oberto PPJ 1/31/17-2/7/2017

This week I put more time into documentation, as the CCI team has a new documentation deliverable due this week. I spent time improving the GDD and making the document more detailed. I also helped improve the grammar and included updated game details. I also helped make gameplay decisions as we went through the document.
I also began work on our second document, the system requirements document, part of which is due this Tuesday. I am in charge of making the swim lane diagrams for this document, so I made two of these diagrams for the upcoming week. One is a contained look one of the game's mechanics, and the other is a more general view of the overall game play, so that the reader can get a sense of how the different code components interact with each other and the player's actions when the game is in action.
The time I was able to spend on the project was diminished this week due to the midterms and projects in other classes. I should be able to ramp up more hours next week.
Time Spent:
Working on GDD: 3 hours
Help with Design: 1 hour
Swim Lane Diagrams: 2 hours
Total: 6 hours

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